Selena's new album inspired by Xtina! / Possibly starring in I Know What You Did Last Summer remake?

Selena Gomez has a lot to be excited about. She has a smash hit on her hands with the Platinum certified smash Good for You and her second solo album Revival will be released October 9th! In a new interview Selena talks about her many musical inspirations.

"I grew up with Britney and NSYNC and Janet and all those people. I would buy the copy, read the thank yous, and I felt like I knew them. Christina Aguilera's Stripped was one of my favorites. What I loved about Revival is that it felt like there's a fluid story."

A remake of the 1997 slasher I Know What You Did Last Summer is currently in the works and producers are reportedly looking at Lucy Hale, Selena and Victoria Justice to possibly cast as Julie James, originally portrayed by Jennifer Love Hewitt. Breck Eisner is rumored to be directing the film and Josh Scott Bentley is so far the only confirmed star.

SO here for this! Imagine Selena recreating this iconic scene.

Thoughts, ONTD? Are you ready for Selena's Stripped inspired album & would you like to see her star in IKWYDLS? If Selena were to star, who would you like to see cast as Helen?

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