The Marvel Studio Shakeup Continues With Marvel's Creative Committee Disbanding

(a continuation of this post)

-The Creative Committee were the ones who gave notes and input for Marvel movies currently in production, members included Alan Fine, who like Perlmutter came from Toy Biz to Marvel, Brian Michael Bendis, a writer for Marvel Comics, Dan Buckley, publisher of Marvel Comics and Joe Quesada.
-The Creative Committee really though wasn't creative at all only focusing on "save the cat" stories that kept on dragging, according to the source they were the reason why Edgar Wright left Ant-Man all together.
-The last two movies effected by the committee is Captain America: Civil War and Dr. Strange after that we can be seeing a whole new change all together for future Marvel movies.
-One main big reason why we don't have Black Widow merchandising is because of Ike Perlmutter, who originally was the CEO of Toy Biz, who believed that girl toys do not sell well and vetoed them again and again.

Hopefully this means good things, we'll see.