Porn Has a Racism Problem

  • Women -- even biracial women -- often refuse to film scenes with black men. James Deen had trouble casting women opposite black male performers four times in a row

  • Interracial porn is typically the last thing a white woman will do toward the end of her career because it is considered to be taboo and extreme -- more extreme than gangbangs or double penetration. Black women, on the other hand, are expected to do everything right off the bat.

  • There's often a racialized component in interracial porn. For example, Mickey Mod shared that one director told a performer to say, "No, I don’t want you to have his black babies!" in a cuckolding scene.

  • While black male performers are reportedly paid the same as white male performers, black female performers are paid half to three-quarters of white female performers. Also, white women tend to demand more money for interracial scenes, though their black co-stars aren't paid any more.

Hey mods, James Deen is interviewed in this article and he's more famous than at least 3 people featured in posts today. He was in a movie with Lindsay Lohan!