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“Scream” postmortem: the killer was pretty obvious, but did you see that twist coming at the end?

  • Like we saw it coming 3 or 4 episodes ago, podcaster Piper Shaw, aka the 2015 version of Gale Weathers, turned out to be the killer and the daughter of Brandon James and Daisy, aka Maggie.

  • Piper hated Emma because she got the perfect life that she never did, and that's why she decided to start killing everyone. Seems logical, if you ask me.

  • But the real twist came at the end when pretty much all the clues led to Audrey being Piper's partner in crime, and none of the survivors know it. This was all hinted at in Noah's podcast, when he started to question who was the one behind the mask the night that Piper and Will were attacked.

  • Season 2 is confirmed for next year, and you can read interviews with both Jill Blotevogel, executive producer, and Amelia Rose Blaire, who played Piper, at the source. Jill talks about the season finale and next season, while Amelia talks about finding out that she was playing the killer and other things.

sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

ONTD, do you still have questions? Because I do:
[s p o i l e r s]

  • Did Mr. Branson kill his former student/lover?

  • Did Audrey kill Nina and Tyler before Piper came to town? It was never explained how her DNA got into the mask, and she did say in that video that she was going to kill her.

  • Why was Audrey even helping Piper? And, did she kill her own girlfriend?

  • Who was the guy that visited Brandon James' mom and pretended to be her grandson? Piper obviously lied about her coming back to the house nd Mrs. James pointing Kieran, but someone visited her because she kept saying that she talked with a handsome boy.

  • Why is Emma dating that boring dude? Why is Brooke kind of dating Jake? Why isn't neither of them dating prince Noah?

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