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I've been known to rock a few faces in my day

What celebrities have you met and what (did they smell like?) were they like?

A post on reddit today has sparked a few discussions about various celebrities that people have met. It's one thing to meet a celebrity for an autograph, or a convention, but some users had interesting critiques from working directly with them.

From one user:

• Daniel Radcliffe - utter sweetheart, so professional with a wicked sense of humour. He's completely tiny though and chain smokes like a motherfucker.

• Mariah Carey - total out of touch with the world. Insisted on being interviewed by candlelight and in a silk nightgown. She has no idea of the real world and no concept of anything outside of hers.

• Douglas Booth - really pleasant to interview and work with but super bland. He's just the walking embodiment of the colour beige and coddled by his agents. However, I hear he's finally loosening up and hopefully will finally stop being a giant box office flop.

• Kit Harrington - absolute flirt with a huge drinking problem. I worry for him going off the rails or getting into an accident as a result of how heavily he drinks on a daily basis.

• Tom Cruise - one of the nicest (if most intense people) I've ever spoken to but he makes an effort to speak to every single person on set, remembers their names and makes eye contact with everyone (some many so-called "celebrities" think they're above basic human interaction) Worked with him a few years later and he remembered our first meeting.

• Jeremy Irons - totally intense and gave off a slightly crazy vibe. Then two weeks later he interviews with someone else and confesses he was briefly infatuated with his son Max (who is wonderful to work with/interview) and that gay marriage would lead to fathers marrying their sons for property reasons...

• Kate Moss - utterly coked off her tits when we worked with her (quite a few years back), started complaining about the little girl who was playing in the corner of the studio and asking everyone to get "that fucking girl to shut the fuck up" as it was "doing [her] head in"... Only to be informed that that little girl was actually her daughter...

• Emma Watson - Complained to her publicist about everything, but one on one is lovely (but I'm dubious as to how much that was "professional mode") Sorry. (ONTD was just speculating whether Emma was hard to deal with)

Some more vindication that Brad Pitt absorbs his partner's personalities, and that Lindsay Lohan isn't SO BAD after all!Collapse )

What do you think, ONTD? Do these observations match your speculations?

Source: AskReddit (What celebrities have you met and what were they like in person?)

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