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Fans dig up Halsey's old tweets, she deletes them and then responds to her fans when called out

Halsey's fans have been digging through her old tweets and calling her out for stuff she posted a few years ago. In one tweet, Halsey said that she looked like a "hot trani mess" when the makeup artist from Glee and Gossip Girl did her makeup. Halsey was called out by her fans, and she told them that she was only repeating what Christian Siriano from Project Runway was saying. She went on to tell her fans that she was 14 and she didn't know that "trani" was a slur.

In another now-deleted tweet, Halsey made fun of Rihanna and Chris Brown's abusive relationship, saying that she and her friend would dress up as Chris Brown and Rihanna for Halloween.

Halsey also found herself trying to save face when confronted with a past tweet in which she made fun of Ariana Grande. Halsey said that Ariana Grande looks like she "dresses like life is an eternal quinceañera." When confronted with this tweet, Halsey told a fan that she loves Ariana Grande and that fans only dig up tweets where she's criticizing Ariana and not the ones where she's talking about how much she loves her.

Realizing that she had to explain herself, Halsey tweeted that she believes that her young age is a perfectly valid excuse for problematic stuff she tweeted. She went on, saying that if you're 15 and have the Internet, you're lucky to have a "PC dialogue wide open to be discussed."

In another tweet that was dug up, Halsey makes fun of Hilary Duff's acting. While watching "Raise Your Voice," Halsey tweets, "I never realized how much Hilary Duff really can't act. Damn."

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