"Beauty Behind The Madness" reviews

"It confirms The Weeknd not just as the leading purveyor of solemn slow jams but as a fascinating rock star who has turned a dissection of hope and despair into one of the most compulsive albums of the year."

"With Beauty Behind The Madness, The Weeknd successfully creates space for self-discovery outside of a drug coma, reconciling who he is and has always been with who his fans and critics believe he’s becoming."

"If there is any connective tissue bounding this album together it’s the idea that the Weeknd doesn’t have to fundamentally change who he is in order to became a superstar."

"On this album, clear-cut intros, verses, choruses and bridges have replaced bleary incantations, and the music has moved from the shadowy haze of trip-hop to an emphatic, monumental clarity — high-end pop craftsmanship."

"Beauty Behind the Madness is a sonically impressive record that will likely (and rightfully) establish the Weeknd as a formidable player in the pop game, but something rings emotionally hollow."

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