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ONTD Original: Who is on Rupaul's Drag Race All-Stars 2?

My curiosity was piqued by a (now deleted) tweet from blacklisted queen Willam last night...

It seems that many well-known queens have gone dark on social media since August 14th, which I assume is the production start date. Everyone knew that production was going to start in the fall after wrapping Season 8.

I'll be using social media presence as well as popularity from Drag Official's poll in order to predict the most likely contestants for the upcoming season of All-Stars!

(Queen) Alyssa Edwards

Season 5's Alyssa Edwards is a fan favorite and true winner of season 5, hitting #5 on the poll. She just tweeted last night (Aug. 27) after posting a cryptic tweet on Aug. 14.

Alaska Thunderfuck

Coming in at #2 on the poll, Alaska is arguably one of the most popular queens to come out of Drag Race. She had also not tweeted since Aug. 14 and then tweeted two days ago (Aug 26), suggesting some limited access to social media.

Katya Zamolodchikova

I skipped on season 7 so I don't know much about Katya except that she's quite popular and won Ms. Congeniality. She topped the poll so she is an obvious shoe-in for a spot. Katya was very active on Twitter, tweeting at least once every day or two but suddenly stopped on Aug. 14. She has since tweeted once three days ago (Aug 25) and retweeted something as well.


Detox is another popular queen from season 5 who ranked #7 on the Drag Official poll. She is most remembered for her fashionable looks and biting wit. Detox went silent on social media on Aug. 13.

She then re-emerged about a day ago (Aug 26), suggesting an early exit.

Adore Delano

Adore was a fan favorite even before she got on the show (topping the Facebook fan poll used to vote in a contestant twice). She also hit #4 on the Drag Official poll. Adore went silent on Aug. 14 as well and hasn't tweeted since.

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Early adopters of Drag Race will remember Tatianna as the "bitch" of season 2 who sadly didn't make the top 3 cut. She is probably most well known for asking Tyra why she was talking in Untucked. She scored pretty high on the poll at #27. Tatianna was retweeting up a storm from fans who wanted her on All-Stars 2.

However, she mysteriously went silent on Twitter on Aug. 13.

Roxxxy Andrews

Another girl who was given the "bitch" edit is Roxxxy Andrews of season 5. She is probably best remembered for getting irationally angry with Alaska and Jinkx for making up characters in an acting challenge. She is relatively high at #28 on the poll. She is pretty much inactive on Twitter. However, her last Instagram post was on Aug. 14:

Phi Phi O'Hara

Season 4 contestant Phi Phi "Doesn't Wear Blonde" O'Hara is best known for starting multiple conflicts within her season as well as backstabbing her friends on the show. She was 34th in the poll. Phi Phi stopped posting on Instagram on Aug 5 as well as Twitter on Aug. 7. However, it's possible that she is just being inactive since her hiatus started earlier than the others.

Coco Montrese

Coco was part of season 5's manufactured drama between her and Alyssa Edwards. She scored #40 on the poll. Coco was active on Twitter right up until Aug. 14 and hasn't tweeted anything besides automated horoscopes since.

Kelly Mantle

Season 6's Kelly Mantle wasn't given much of a chance to shine as she was one of the first two queens eliminated from the split groups; she hit a solid #49 on the poll. Kelly went silent on Aug. 14 and even made an excuse that she was leaving to "record some projects":

Lineysha Sparx

Season 5's Puerto Rican queen Lineysha scored #53 on the poll and seems to have confirmed her casting outright in an Instagram post on Aug. 3:

Her last post on Instagram was on Aug. 13:

There is probably a 12th person but I've combed each queen's Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and can't find any obvious hiatus from social media. Most likely they've done a good job at hiding it or have a friend running the account!

Who are YOU rooting for, ONTD?

Source: Drag Official Poll
My detective skills
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