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Farrah Abraham embarrasses herself on British television

So in case you missed it Farrah Abraham was one of the 12 contestants to join the Celebrity Big Brother House last night. Her appearance kicked off with an intro video where she basically admitted over and over that she's a brat so really nothing new. Sofreeuh, the only reason for her relevancy, was not featured in the video and it is suspected she was off doing her own thing at the time it was filmed.

She then proceeded to give something that I even hesitate to call an interview because it was mostly her staring off blankly, not understanding anything that host Emma Willis was asking her even though they were the most basic questions imaginable, and giving one word answers. Seriously she could barely form a sentence it was weird. You can watch it starting here

Once everyone was inside the house they immediately played a game that pitted the Brits against the Americans. The Brits ended up winning which meant that they got to raise their flag in the garden and have a party thrown in their honor but they had to pick three Americans who would be sent to The Tower instead of joining in the festivities. They immediately picked Farrah who was, surprise surprise, a sore loser. She then proceeded to throw a hissy fit throughout the live feed and throughout exclusive clips on BBBOTS about how she wasn't a sore loser and how she hated everyone.

Later on BBBOTS guest panelist and journalist Eamonn Holmes didn't hold back about his dislike of Farrah (who he had also filmed an interview with prior to her entering the house). After commenting that Farrah was "not nice" he voiced his opinion about the feud Farrah has already started with Atomic Kitten's Natasha Hamilton.

"Farrah's got the completely wrong end of the stick. Natasha doesn't hate her because she's a teenage mum or whatever, she hates her cause she's just a bitch."

He later went on to describe her as toxic in another interview.

Farrah, who believes that people hate her for being a teen mom and that they're also somehow jealous of her because reasons, has vowed to destroy Natasha. However, tonight a new housemate will enter and be dubbed either the Prime Minister or President and get to boss the other housemates around. It's safe to say that Farrah, who has already gotten snippy with Big Brother for telling her what to do and being a "control freak", won't take this very well. Who is one of the potential leaders?

Why it's none other than the World's First Supermodel™, Janice Dickinson!

Basically this is going to get good and we can expect probably a lot of this in the future -

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Guys seriously... this is gonna be great
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