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Years & Years Announce New European Fall Tour

Well actually, tickets went on sale today so you're probably too late. But I just wanted an excuse to make a Y&Y post.

yearsandyears: OMG u guys it's @unrealaltj and they're amazing @zurichopenair x

yearsandyears: THANKYOU @energy_de THAT WAS LOts OF FUN YEEEEE xx

yearsandyears: you better redneckognise

yearsandyears: Meet Russel the Crow 🐥

yearsandyears: our album came out ONE MONTH AGO TODAY wth so we are giving away exclusive signed posters from our launch party yeah if you would like to win one go here k

ollyyears: my kind of label

ollyyears: I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead;
I lift my eyes and all is born again - SP

ollyyears: summr in sweden

ollyyears: serving you some over the shoulder 120mph racket boy realness 🇺🇸

emreyears: home

emreyears: sp<3

mikeyyears: You Know Nothing Jon Snow!

mikeyyears: This guy is the best out there @flyinglotus

mikeyyears: Lads on Toure ⚽️

dylanyears: Thank you Flow Festival!! 🇫🇮

K so I'm totally obsessed with them and can't seem to get over it? They were filming a video a few days back in Bulgaria, I believe it's for 'Eyes Shut' but I don't think they've confirmed it yet. Still waiting for Ties to be a single, tbh. Also waiting for them to be a thing in Canada. Also waiting for their Toronto concert September 14, where I will probably poop in my pants.

Source: their Instagrams
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