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Sam & Nia Announce (week long) Vlogging Break

Vlog Highlghts:
- They tried to meet Shay Carl but he ran from them

- Nia is filming and says she saw Sam reading comments and she wanted to shut his laptop. Vlog cuts to the following:

- "Well, we just got kicked out of Vloggerfair, guys. Nia's really upset with me. So is a couple other people. I made a really stupid rash decision while we were hanging out in the lounge."

- Sam goes onto say that family vloggers teamed up and were "bullying" Sam & Nia/family because one vlogger said a happy tweet Sam made about how many viewers/subscribers they got from the pregnancy/miscarriage videos was "jacked up" and another vlogger favorited that tweet.

- Nia crosses the street with her face glued to her phone, didn't even look bother ways smh.

- Sam told the first guy he forgave him despite the hurt this person caused their family (lmao) and when he approached the second guy, the guy got defensive.

- Basically Sam plays victim (shocker), acting like he just wanted to know why this second guy favorited the tweet. That's literally all he says, that he was just trying to understand why the guy felt this way and that there were no threats but that vlogger wasn't comfortable with Sam coming back.

- Sam is deeply apologetic that he acted so stupid (this does not line up with this "I just wanted to understand" b.s.) and he's an emotional wreck with everything going on.

- Getting kicked out of Vloggerfair was the hardest day of their lives.

- They're taking off 5-7 days from vlogging. Sam thanks fans for being patient during this really rough time in their life but the Rader family will be back and as strong as ever.

Source: YouTube
Tags: internet celebrities, jesus take the wheel, nobody, that escalated quickly

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