Sander Fucking Cohen (chibik3r0) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Sander Fucking Cohen

Survivor Cambodia - Second Chances Media Day!

Bayon Tribe: Joe (30), Jeremy (29), Ciera (27), Stephen (18), Tasha (28), Kimmi (2), Kass (28), Keith (29), Monica (19), Savage (7)

Takeo Tribe: Vytas (27), Spencer (28), Terry (12), Abi (25), Woo (28), Peih-Gee (15), Shirin (30), Jeff (2), Kelley (29), Kelly (1)

CBS - Meet The Cast - Introduction Video

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The 90 minunte season premiere of Survivor Cambodia airs on Wednesday, Sept 23!

If you want to talk about boot-list spoilers, please put it behind an LJ spoiler cut for those of us who don't want to be spoiled!
Tags: reality show, spoilers, survivor (cbs / international), television - cbs

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