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Bruce Springsteen's album "Born to Run" turns 40 today

Born to Run and the Decline of the American Dream
Bruce Springsteen’s breakout album embodied the lost ‘70s—the tense, political, working-class rejection of an increasingly unequal society.

article highlights:

- Springsteen's first 2 albums (Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. & The Wild, The Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle) were commercial flops
- In Philadelphia, demand for "Born to Run" title track was so strong that WFIL, the city’s top-40 AM station, aired it multiple times each day
- Springsteen grew up in small, conservative Freehold, NJ
- he was a loner in school who nobody would have remembered if he didn't become a musician
- Springsteen's earlier bands, and then the E Street Band, became popular with blue-collar people along the Jersey Shore
- his music offered escape from the tumultuous 70s
- “I don’t think the American Dream was that everyone was going to make it or that everyone was going to make a billion dollars,” [Springsteen] later said (as captured in the anthology, Bruce Springsteen Talking). “But it was that everyone was going to have an opportunity and the chance to live a life with some decency and a chance for some self-respect.”


what's your favorite Bruce Springsteen song/album, ONTD?
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