Billboard Magazine Asks Industry Execs If They Believe Kesha or Dr. Luke


Billboard magazine regularly gets opinions from music executives via a survey. But one of the questions asked in the magazines current survey, which was conducted via Google Doc and was meant to be seen by "a select group of top music-industry executives," reads as very tacky to some.

"Who do you believe:
◾Dr. Luke"

In case you forgot, Kesha had filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke for sexual abuse. The Billboard senior editor would not comment to the source.

Another question asked by Billboard was "Have you ever witnessed an act of racism or sexism in the industry in the past year? If so, please describe." The source describes the "sexual and racist intimidation of and discrimination against female and minority employees" at Billboard magazine from a lawsuit that was settled out of court. Go to the source for the full story, its very interesting to say the least.