Jill and Jessa remain cryptic; Duggar family pastor weighs in on infidelity

A couple days since news broke that their brother Josh Duggar cheated on his wife via Ashley Madison, OKCupid and a slew of raunch-flavored social media accounts, Jill and Jessa Duggar took to their Instagram accounts to cryptically set everyone straight on what they think.

Jessa posted a pic of some bible verses on "walking in the light":

Meanwhile, Jill and her husband Derick linked Instagram followers to their home church's pastor Ronnie Floyd's sermon on "sex today":

Watch our home church service live in 5 min.


Watch our home church service #crosschurch right now for a powerful message from the Bible at:

Today's sermon was the first of five on "sex today." Floyd addressed gay marriage (hint: it's wrong), living together before marriage (that's wrong, too) and infidelity. According to Floyd, although it's definitely a sin to cheat on your spouse, they probably cheated because you're not touching them the right way. The only reason why someone should not always be sexually pleasing their spouse is if they stop for "focused prayer." Otherwise, your spouse will undoubtedly satisfy their sexual desires with someone else.

The same pastor spoke on Josh's May scandal when InTouch exposed him for "inappropriately touching" five girls, saying that forgiveness is available to all who seek it.

via Jessa, Jill and Derick's Instagrams, and this tweet.