missshallelujah (missshallelujah) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Shocking news: 1D to go on hiatus

- They have agreed to go on a at least one year hiatus to pursue solo proyects.
- They won't go on tour for the fifth album.
- It's not a split, they intend to get back together in the future.
- Zayn leaving didn't influence the decision, they would still have gone on hiatus if Zayn was still in the band.
- Harry is going for a solo career and is contemplaiting acting. Niall also is thinking about realesing his own music. Liam wants to write and produce. Louis is setting his own record company and is most likely to be a judge on next year's X-Factor.


I am shocked lol (still sad tho </3)
Tags: one direction

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