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Possible New Power Couple? 5 SOS Luke Hemmings Has A BIG Crush On Selena Gomez

Luke from 5 Seconds of Summer was teased by his bandmates in a new interview about his long term crush on Selena Gomez.
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Luke has admitted before in interviews that he likes her, and that he follows her on Twitter. He almost DM'd her once too apparently, but didn't want to be creepy.
Well his bandmates chimed in, in a new interview where it was brought up again, teasing him with remarks such as:

"He writes fan mail! He actually writes poems as well -- 'My Dear Selena.'" - Calum the bassist said.
"He has a love shrine in the kitchen!" added the drummer. And the other guitarist and singer Michael chimed in  with "Yeah, that love shrine is so weird!" Luke then brushed it off and said "No, I'm not actually that obsessed with Selena. Galena Somez? Oh! You mean Galena Somez! Galena is kinda hot."


We all know selena likes the younger pop you think she'll respond to Lucas? Do you ship Lulena, ONTD?

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