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ONTD Original: Which Pop Music Stans are the most OTT and excesive? [Media Heavy]

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Directioners, The Beyhive, Swifties, & The Navy!

Stan: (noun) Derived from Eminem's hit, "Stan," in which a overzealous, emotionally attached fan writes letters, stalks concerts, and eventually kills himself and his pregnant girlfriend due to his unhealthy obsession with his favorite artist, Eminem.

Now, "Stan" has turned into a less intense term of endearment for an individual obsessed with a particular pop culture element. Through social media, "stanning" has turned into a full on hobby. There are tumblrs, twitters, instagrams, facebooks, vines and snap chats all devoted to different elements of pop culture fandom.

We'll attempt to solve, once and for all, which Pop Music Stan Group is the most OTT and obnoxious.

Disclaimer: There are FAR too many stan groups out there, so I had to narrow it down to the ones who affect ONTD the most and have the bigger obnoxious social media presence. lol.

In No Particular Order...

One Direction

 photo onedirection2_zps5h3voqb2.gif

Directioners are usually female, aged 14-24. Their social media presence usually includes posting conspiracy theories that the members of One Direction are all secretly dating one another. They have created "ship" names within the fandom for the various couplings. The most popular pairing is "Larry" (Louis Tomlinson + Harry Styles), but others, "Niam," "Zarry," "Zouis," and "Ziam" are also popular.

 photo tumbler1d_zpsh4hilfts.png

 photo onedirection5_zpsscanzcs0.png

 photo onedirection6_zpst2ueqbjn.png

If Directioners are not fantasizing about the boys dating each other, they're fantasizing about the boys dating them.

 photo onedirection3_zpszxho7nmk.jpg

When it was revealed Louis Tomlinson was expecting his first child with a "friend" later this year, fans did not react well.

 photo onedirection7_zpsxvnkc6we.png

Directioners are so narrow minded on worshiping One Direction, they barely notice another super star celebrity next to them.

It is nearly impossible for the boys to go out in public, alone or as a group, without being followed. The boys often have to use decoy cars, vans, and other slight of hand to trick their fans and ensure their safety.

Directioners were parodied when Paul Rudd hosted "Saturday Night Live," the portrayal is 100% accurate for their fans over 24.

Paul Rudd | One Direction - SNL 7/12/13 by newsevoce

One Direction's twitter has 24.7 million followers, Harry Styles has 25.4 million, Niall Horan has 23 million, Liam Payne has 20.7 million, and Louis Tomlinson has 20.1 million.


 photo beyonce8_zpsmlwmwwfc.gif

The Beyhive is a rabid fan base all their own. Beyhive members range in ages as young as 6 to as old as old people. There is no age limit to those who are pulled in by the gravity of the diva. Straight men seem to have an aversion to the Queen, so her stan group consists of every one except for them. Their social media presence is usually on the defensive. They will be quick to attack and eliminate negative press surrounding their idol.

 photo beyonce4_zpsddlkm63o.png

Most famously, The Beyhive attacked Kid Rock after he said the following, "Beyoncé, to me, doesn’t have a f–king ‘Purple Rain,’ but she’s the biggest thing on Earth. How can you be that big without at least one ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ or ‘Old Time Rock & Roll’? People are like, ‘Beyoncé’s hot. Got a nice f–king ass.’ I’m like, ‘Cool, I like skinny white chicks with big t*ts.’ Doesn’t really f–king do much for me." The Hive quickly went to attack, commenting bee emojis on all of Kid Rock's Instagram pictures.

 photo beyonce1_zpsr5nzeyvh.jpg

 photo beyonce2_zpsl3sshjpw.jpg

The Beyhive also went into action in the name of their Queen when she took out her weave debuted her pixie cut, when one twitter user called her, "Ugly."

 photo beyonce7_zpslyopbdlr.png

The Hive located the girls address and had 40 pizzas delivered to her home.

 photo beyonce5_zpsqbwyhsde.png

 photo beyonce6_zpsyvbxemfr.png

The Beyhive's most famous member, Kanye West, of Kardashian fame, interrupted ONTD's Sweetheart, Taylor Swift, during her acceptance speech for the VMA's Best Female Video in 2009. Taylor's video for "You Belong with Me" beat out Beyonce's "Single Ladies." It might have been a bit premature to go on the defensive, as Beyonce went on to win Video of the Year.

Kanye again came to the defense of Queen Bey in 2015 when Beck won Album of the Year for "Morning Phase" over Beyonce's "Self-Titled." Although, this time, he played it off as a joke, but let's be real. It wasn't. Beyonce should have won.

While on the Mrs. Carter World Tour, during her stop in Brazil, Beyonce was yanked off the stage by an overzealous fan.

SNL also parodied the Beyhive in this 100% accurate sketch.

Beyonce has 43.5 million followers on instagram.


 photo rihanna2_zpsui4fc356.gif

The Rihanna Navy are going through a bit of a rough patch right now. Their fave has unofficially retired, and they've been waiting 84 years for R8 to drop. Some fear it may never come. This has lead to some confusion and has made Rihanna Navy seem a bit scattered. Navy members are typically 16 or older, her raw and explicit content (and frequent collabs with Eminem) draw a more mature audience. Their social media presence includes calling the cops on haters and bitching about when they'll get R8. The Navy loves Rihanna because she knows she's not a role model, and in turn, that makes her one.

Rihanna Navy members love Rihanna's body art, and get their own to honor her.
 photo rihanna4_zpsvkkbtzbc.jpg

 photo rihanna3_zpsbzic2odp.jpg

Rihanna loves taking to social media to defend herself, so Rihanna Navy members have to take it to the next level in the name of their idol to make waves. Earlier this year, a Philadelphia man posted a video of Rihanna smoking a blunt and accused her of snorting coke. Rihanna took to twitter to defend herself.

 photo rihanna7_zpsi8grulj8.png

But Rihanna Navy took it one step further.

 photo rihanna8_zps6gngxuyv.png

 photo rihanna5_zpsiwf8nukl.png

Rihanna Navy released the man's address, his mother's address and reported him to the police.

 photo rihanna6_zpsgwruqmk7.png

It's no secret that Rihanna is a style icon, she is often treated like Tumblr's personal doll, photoshopping her with different hair colors and make-up than she actually sports.

 photo rihanna9_zpspcvmiilm.jpg

But fans also use her as inpiration, like this one teen who modeled her Hollywood themed prom dress after one of Rihanna's looks.

 photo rihanna10_zpsp7blyxjk.jpg

Rihanna Navy does not let their adoration falter, it has been almost 3 years since "Unapologetic" was released in 2012, and they are just as obsessed with Rihanna as they were in 2012. Take a look at them endangering her life while she gets to her hotel in Paris.

Rihanna has 50.1 million followers on twitter.

Taylor Swift

 photo taylorswift1_zpszjo60so0.gif

Swifties, where do I even begin? Swifties are everywhere. They could be the person in the cubicle next to you, the cute boy that lives next door, the sweet old man who bags your groceries, and, most of the time, your parents. Swifties are the living example of the scene in "Mean Girls."

They know everything about Taylor, worship at her feet, but instead of wanting to BE Taylor, they all want to be best friends with her (or date her, depending on orientation and gender). Their social media presence can only be described as obsessive. Taylor is on 3 platforms, so no matter if you've sworn off twitter and only have an instagram, or hate instagram and only do tumblr, you'll still find Swifties.

Swifties love to kiss Taylor's ass to get her attention. Granted, getting Taylor's attention could have it's rewards, getting passes back stage, invited to her house for cookies, a present in the mail, but most of the time for 99% of the fans, it's just a simple "like" on tumblr. Here are posts worthy of Taylor's attention.

 photo taylorswift2_zpsit9apao3.png

 photo Taylorswift3_zps6qcpm5ev.png

 photo taylorswift4_zpsxfox4ksf.png

 photo taylorswift5_zpsh8cdvikt.png

Swifties are so invested in Taylor, they don't have have time for their own love lives. Instead, they take out all their need for affection on Tayvin (Boyfriend Calvin Harris + Taylor).

 photo taylorswift6_zpsezeyxims.png

 photo taylorswift7_zpsoff71diw.png

 photo taylorswift8_zpscw0tmzs9.png

 photo taylorswift9_zpspxiciimf.png

Swifties are all over the world.

Swiftie's wear costumes to her concerts instead of street clothes.

It's so easy to become a Swiftie, that naturally SNL created a 100% accurate sketch about finding yourself a fan out of the blue.

Taylor has 62.3 million followers on twitter and 42.9 million on instagram.

Please, pray tell, who are the most ott stans??


 photo hIOZxc2_zpsmrpsetgx.gif

ONTD, how many of these stan groups do you belong to?
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