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Shannen Doherty reveals breast cancer diagnosis in lawsuit claiming her former manager is to blame

According to The Hollywood Reporter former Charmed actress Shannen Doherty appeared in a Los Angeles court this morning suing her former management Tanner Mainstain. Doherty revealed in her lawsuit that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in March and that it spread through her body during a time when she did not have insurance.

Doherty claims that it was her management's responsibility to pay her premium for medical insurance through SAG and that they ignored an invoice that they received in December of 2013 which left her uninsured for all of 2014. Doherty was not aware of the mistake and her lack of insurance until she was fired by the management company in February of 2014. During this time she was not seeing doctors or having regular check-ups due to her lack of coverage. It wasn't until she was able to enroll with SAG insurance again in 2015 that her cancer was found.

In her lawsuit Doherty claims that had she been covered the cancer would have been detected early on and she would not have need for future treatment including chemo and a mastectomy. Her husband also has a lawsuit against the management company claiming they mishandled his funds and forgot to make credit card payments which hurt his credit score.

Doherty's former management has not commented on the lawsuit.

Tags: 90210, actor / actress, health problems, legal / lawsuit

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