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Viuda Negra

Little Mix at the Today Show. #LittleMixAnniversary

littlemixofficialMixing it up with the mix men at the @todayshow! #LittleMixToday

littlemixofficialMixers! We're so excited to be performing on the @todayshow!! Tune in #LittleMixToday xx LittleMix Xx

littlemixofficialMixers! So much fun on the @todayshow! You're amazing!!#LittleMixToday xxLittleMix Xx

jesymix14Well well well I cannot believe it's been 4 years today that I have spent every moment with these 3 nut jobs!!! I literally cannot imagine my life without these ladies they are my sisters my family my bestest friends in the whole wide world and everyday I love them even more than I did yesterday which I didn't think was possible! We have been through so much together and everyday we get closer as a group I literally love these girls more than anything in the world and I feel so so lucky to have them by my side every day to experience this amazing journey that we are on together @jadeameliabadwi @perrieeele@leigh_love_life I feel so lucky to have met you ladies and I cannot wait to experience even more madness and excitement with yous!!! Here's to the next 4 years with you queens 👑👑👑  I love you so bloody much ❤️

Also, there's a livestream happening RIGHT NOW because it's their 4th anniversary! Link: #LittleMixAnniversary

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