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MSNBC Doing The Most For Kelly Rutherford

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Former actress Kelly Rutherford and her ex husband Daniel Geirsch have been fighting for 6 years over custody of their case

the following is not the views of beetlebums but those of Lisa Green whose name nor book is found on Wikipedia

The blame is the fact that international custody cases are hard because we're more mobile but don't many have the funds to fight it.

But someone we know turned down a paid in full apartment and expenses covered

1. Which court, in which country, should even take the case?

Cali was OG decided the kids would go to Monaco but then decided not to have jurisdiction.

New York was next but was less inclined to give Kelly the time of day

Battle Royal is in Monaco. There will be a court date next month.

People that aren't Kelly and her lawyer say that she fucked herself with her judge and jurisdiction shopping.

2. What if parents don’t play by the rules?

Kelly not returning her kids is not that uncommon. In 2013 350ish kids were technically abducted under the treaty.

Hague Child Abduction treaty, is thought to be the biggest reason why New York claims no jurisdiction.

The treaty is there to prevent judge shopping

3. Which parent will prevail?

Kelly will go all US CITIZENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111oneoneone

Daniel will most likely talk about the stability of living in Monaco.

While Monaco would apply its own custody law to the case, its decision-making could include hearing from a parade of experts: immigration experts, experts on attachment, and on schools.

As the kids get older they will have a say in what they want.

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