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Gaga Wows AHS Cast

Gaga began filming her part on the new season of American Horror Story this week, if the cast and crew's tweets are anything to go by, she's killing it!

According to the show's creator Ryan Murpy, she had a "pretty spectacular" murder scene to film with Matt Bomer and, after wrapping the scene, Murphy tweeted: "Lady Gaga is everything I dreamed of and more. Lovely, a total pro, and terrifyingly genius in her role."

Bomer also praised Gaga, saying, "Lady Gaga is killing the game on American Horror Story! Genius, sexy, terrifying. Total pro and beautiful soul to boot. So much fun coming your way! Inspired."

Kathy Bathes, who is playing Iris, the Hotel's manager, added: "Let's just say she rocked it. The Countess scared the crap out of Iris."

Earlier this week, during a sit-down with LA Times, Sarah Paulson shared her thoughts. She added, "I think she is really an enormous gift to the show. I think she fits so right in. It's exactly where she belongs. This story that's being told is a perfect marriage."

American Horror Story: Hotel begins airing on October 7th on FX.

Source: Me & Twitter/Youtube
Tags: actor / actress, american horror story (fx), lady gaga, music / musician (pop), ryan murphy, sarah paulson, television, television - fx

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