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"It is my turn to take the empty chair" 3 new Cosby victims come forward

- Linda Ridgeway Whitedeer (former actress)

Met Cosby in 1971 through her husband who worked at Cosby's agency. [Details of her attack by Cosby]He grabbed her hair and forced oral sex on her after mere minutes of first meeting him in an empty room on his movie set.

"When Cosby was done, there was a horrible mess of semen all over my face, my clothes and in my hair. He took out a Kleenex to try to wipe off my face. I was bordering between vomiting and passing out. He was mumbling that I had been blessed with his semen as if it was holy water." "He gloated over my humiliation. He had planned it. I was in shock."

- Colleen Hughes (former American Airlines flight attendant)

Met Cosby in the 1970s on a flight. She agreed to go out to lunch with him. [Details of her attack by Cosby]While in his hotel bathroom Cosby drugged her champagne. She work up hours later covered in semen.

"My clothes were thrown all over the room and I felt semen on the small of my back and all over me. "Bill obviously did not use a condom and there was no lunch and he was nowhere to be seen."

A year later she saw him again on a flight “It was obvious to me that he did not remember me and used the same line about how I was a ‘fine Irish lass'. "I told him, 'You already had me once and I don't want to ever be drugged by you again." She threatened to report him if he didn't stay away from her fellow flight attendants.

- Eden Tirl (former actress)

Tiri appeared on The Cosby Show playing a cop in 1989. [Details of her attack by Cosby]She says she was ushered to Cosby's dressing after shooting a scene one day. He closed the door and locked it. They spoke for a half hour. Tirl said she attempted to deter Cosby’s attention by telling him, “Bill, you are Jello pudding pops and Fat Albert to me … you are my childhood.” “He barked back instantly, ‘Don’t say that, they all say that!'”

He grabbed Tiri and hugged her from behind while whispering come-ons in her ear. Cosby told her "See, that's all we were going to do, make love". She left before things went any further.

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