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ONTD Original: I reviewed Demi Lovato's newly released mobile game "Demi Lovato: Path to Fame"

Demi Lovato's long-awaited mobile app "Demi Lovato: Path to Fame" is finally out on the iTunes App Store, so I decided to play it and give ONTD my first impressions on Demi's new game. Sit back and relax as I take you through a visual journey of my own path to fame...

This game takes forever to load

Once it's finally done loading, you choose your name

Then you get to decide on your look

This is what I look like irl

You then get to choose your best friend's name

Y'all know who my best friend is!

This bitch is hard to get a hold of

You also get to choose your friend's look

opp0rtunist looks like Amy Dunne irl

You have to flirt with security to get into Demi's concert

After getting him off, you get to meet Demi Lovato, but she wants to know your last name

I revealed my real last name to her

Don't wear it out, bitch!

I get to bond with my best friend

Then I have to dedicate a song to someone

I pick my best friend, of course!

Demi needs me to come up and sing

I yell out to her!

Pretty soon I'm crowdsurfing onto the stage

Demi and I praise each other after my performance

She loves me so much we take a selfie together!

At this point in the game, I wasn't able to progress any more since I used up all my tickets and have to wait 4 hours until I can get more tickets to start the next episode. Overall, this game really sucks. You're just kissing Demi Lovato's ass the whole time! You have to sing her songs, flirt with security guards to get tickets to her show, and tell her how awesome she is. This game is awful and I wouldn't recommend it to ANYONE!


Have you played "Demi Lovato: Path to Fame" yet? What are your thoughts on it?
Tags: computer / video games, demi lovato, ontd original, review

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