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Queen Rita Ora Discusses #R2, Questionable Chris Brown Collabo, and A$AP Rocky

On A$AP Rocky's demeaning lyrics on his single, "Better Things" : "I love what he does, I like how, you know, he looks dope, whatever. But for me, it's not about me. It's about what people think they can get away with about speaking about women. I’m not looking at it like, ‘You’re upsetting me,' cos I don’t actually give a shit, I really don't care what you got to say. I got all this going on, like I got stuff going on in my own life. I got my own career to think about. Like you and me both know I care about my business more than anything. So, I actually don't care, you know what I'm saying? But I think about it, and I'm like, 'I don’t want people to think it’s OK to speak about women like that."

Interviewer later lets Rita know that A$AP Rocky said his words were "tasteless."
"Oh he did? Oh I didn't pay no mind. I didn't look. That's nice. Still said it though, but that's nice. You want to apologize, you know where to find me"

Says is a fan of Chris Brown's "music" and nothing more. Feels his vocal tone just "fit" the record [Body on Me].

The video for "Body on Me" premieres on August 21st!

Is currently single. After her breakup with Calvin, she took a year off from recording because she felt the album would be "rubbish."

#R2 is tentatively to be released around Christimas of this year.

Rita has a lapse in judgement, says Ed Sheeran is "so cute" and has some "game." They have a song on the album called "Us."

Filming for "Fifty Shades Darker" starts soon where she will reprise her iconic role in Mia.

Check out the rest of the interview above!

Are you ready to accept Rita Ora as your Pop savior ONTD? Don't fight it tbh.

Sources: One | Two
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