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Holly Madison's husband releases statement calling for more drug education after recent rave deaths

-Pasquale Rotella, husband of Holly Madison and founder of EDM tour promotion company Insomniac Events, released a statement following the deaths of two young women at HARD Summer.

-HARD Summer took place on county-owned property, and Los Angeles County officials would like to ban raves and other big music festivals from taking place on county-owned property.

-LA County officials think that music festivals aren't doing enough to ensure the safety of rave-goers, and they've already voted to review whether or not to ban raves on county property.

-Rotella, who makes money from raves, believes that banning raves isn't the answer and that more should be done to educate people on the health impact of drug abuse.

full statementCollapse )

Sources: Twitter + Instagram

Do you think raves should be banned?
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