ZodGory (zodgory) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Leo Wins Lawsuit over French Tabloid that Claimed he was Riri's Baby Daddy

-French magazine Oops! had a story about Leo getting Rihanna pregnant but not wanting the baby

-Leo won a lawsuit against the magazine so now they have to print a condemnation of their story

-The ruling was based on an amalgam of defamation and privacy where the truth or falsity of the story wasn't essential to the court's verdict.

-Oops! tried to argue that Leo's never denied being in a relationship with her, but the court says that the story was likely to cause harm to Leo, it's an interference of privacy, and there was no solid evidence either way

what's your favorite celebrity tabloid story?
Tags: legal / lawsuit, leonardo dicaprio, pregnancy, rihanna, tabloid cover wednesday

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