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Floptastic Flop: Breaks a record, Fox responds, Floptasticar cut & FF2 Synopsis revealed?

If you haven't heard: Floptastic Flop, or Fantastic Flop as the mainstream media calls it but there's nothing fantastic about it, had a disastrous opening weekend. The numbers are in, America! The Floptastic Flop still didn't meet expectations after they were lowered! It was estimated that FF would be grossing $26.2 million domestically and $34.1 million internationally, but in reality it grossed $25.6 million domestically and $33.1 million internationally.

It can't be too bad, right? I mean, Fantastic Four broke a record! What record did it break? Did it break the lowest grossing film based on a Marvel property? No, that terrible Ghost Flopper sequel did worse than Floptastic Flop. It got the lowest worst cinemascore ever for studio Superhero movie with a C-! How terrible is that? Catwoman...yes...Catwoman, starring Halle Berry, got a B cinemascore. This proves any action is better than no action happening until the last 10 minutes of the movie.

Expect it to break more records at the next Golden Raspberry Awards!

Someone you've never heard of makes a few statements

Meanwhile, tragedy continues at 20th Century Fox. Chris Aronson, Fox’s president of domestic distribution, has basically confirmed all of our fears: They've learned nothing as they try to save face. Here are some of the statements he has made regarding Floptastic Flop:

- "Obviously, we're disappointed. While the results were disappointing, 20th Century Fox supports all the filmmakers involved in making Fantastic Four. We'll do a post-mortem. As we do with everything that doesn't work out, we'll try to figure out why and move forward."
- "Negative reviews and poor word-of-mouth on social media kicked in over the weekend and contributed to the low opening. I think August is still a very robust moviegoing time,” he said. “I think this was just attributable to a movie that audiences didn’t respond to."
- "While we're disappointed, we remain committed to these characters and we have a lot to look forward to in our Marvel universe."
- "The combination of less-than-desirable reviews and the power of social media conspired to suppress the opening."

Unfortunately, Chris Aronson declined to comment specifically on the fate of Fantastic Four 2, which is dated for June 9, 2017, and Kate Mara's reshoot wig.

The Fantasticar was cut!

It turns out Reed really did build a flying car that he originally stopped working on but it was cut from the final film along with most of the action.

Has the Fantastic Four 2 synopsis been revealed?

My exclusive source (let's say he has a bike), who must remain anonymous, provided me with the following details:

[Spoiler (click to open)]It's been two years since they decided to use their powers to help people and adopt the mantle of the "Fantastic Four", but in a world where no one asked for them or even understands the rationale behind them, the group comes up against their greatest enemy yet: man-kind. The team led by Reed, who is now going by Mr. Fantastic, must search through the world of social media to discover who exactly conspired against them and stop them before Fox has no other choice left but to sell back their movie rights to Marvel.

[Spoiler (click to open)]I made this up. Fox has 7 years (or until 2023) to start production on Fantastic Four 2 (or another reboot) or the rights go back to Marvel [unless they sell them back first].

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Shout outs to just444, sandstorm, and everyone else who believed in me!
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