. (hiddenpalm) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Yasiin Bae (Mos Def) will not be battling Lupe Fiasco

* follow up to this post
* original video posted without his knowledge or permission
* stands by what he said in original video: "I see certain people, I have an opinion about them. It was a private opinion made public."
* thinks people only care because they want to see another version of Drake v. Meek
* "The internet is not a responsible place, you gotta clear the air with certain things."
* "Lupe, you're cool. Do your thing, man. There's no conflict over here."
* music is not a competitive sport to him
* compares the current rap scene to a circus where there's no real winners
* he dgaf if you love, hate, or ignore him


Tags: black celebrities, lupe fiasco, music / musician (rap and hip-hop)

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