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Ella Eyre Covers Cosmopolitan UK's September Issue + Timelapse Video of Her Doing Her Own Makeup

"If you're wearing a bra and pants on stage, no one is listening to your lyrics," Ella Eyre told us on our cover shoot, when we asked what she thought of artists wearing skimpy outfits. "My stage presence is lively and animalistic, so I want to be comfortable," she explained. "I feel like if you're wearing a bra and pants on stage, no one is listening to your lyrics – well, I'm certainly not. I'm thinking, 'Wow, you look great in that,' rather than, 'This is a really vulnerable song.'"

After just a few minutes with Ella, it becomes apparent that this one woman powerhouse, who is the new face of Armani Diamonds (Beyonce's old job no less) doesn't mince her words. Whether it's inequality in the music business, being a dating virgin or why exactly she'd love a man to give her salmon (yes, you read that right) Ella has an opinion on everything. And pretty smart opinions too, for somebody who – on paper at least – is still relatively new to the industry, with her highly-anticipated debut album, Feline, out later this month.

Although their music styles are different, Ella cites Taylor Swift's professionalism as a huge inspiration.

"Taylor Swift is amazing... I think a lot of people underestimated her influence on the music industry [before the whole open letter to Apple thing]. She's very much in control of her life – she's definitely an inspiration for young women who are unsure of who they want to be."

And like Taylor, Ella isn't afraid to speak out about inequality between men and women in the music business, either.

"I think guys in the industry get away with a lot more," she told us. "The number of girls they've slept with is never something the media really asks, but whenever a girl dates a guy it's common knowledge! Girls can be friends with guys as well."

But while her career is going from strength to strength, Ella says her love life isn't as exciting as people imagine.

"I've never actually been on a date," she admitted. "I rarely get asked and if I do I freak out. If I did, it'd probably involve sushi. I hate flowers. If they're from a colleague or something it's OK, but from a guy it's such an impersonal present. I'd rather somebody bought me salmon fillets. Flowers are nice to look at, but they die; salmon fills me up!"

Dressing Room Timelapse of Ella doing her own makeup for Cosmopolitan

With hair as big as her talent, Ella Eyre (who has just been announced as the new face of Emporio Armani Diamonds fragrance, impressively!), shared these "pre-show rituals" exclusively with Cosmo in a video showing an hour of beauty prep condensed into just 2:43 minutes.

While her killer curls are defined and shaped by a hairstylist, Ella splits her time between her phone, sipping a kale and banana smoothie and doing her own game face. We're pretty sure she can call upon a top makeup artist, but this showcases her skills that mean there's no need. [...]

We're also enjoying the soundtrack, the instrumental to her new single Together. The official video, below, also serves to demo her signature beauty look in all its glory.

Ella's new album, 'Feline', is out August 28th.

Just an excuse to talk about this girl because I only discovered her music a week ago and I. Am. Obsessed.

Source: Cosmopolitan UK (1, 2), Ella Eyre's Official Website
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