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13 Forgotten Teletoon Cartoons

Due to the surge of Canada-ness on ONTD what with the upcoming elections, here is a list of relatively obscure Teletoon cartoons. They range from mildly popular, to having a small but dedicated fanbase, to straight up phantom. Some are Teletoon originals, while others have aired in other countries and on American television stations. Everything is before 2007 since that's when I stopped watching tho.


Made by Klasky-Csupo, the same people who did Aaah Real Monsters, The Wild Thornberrys and Rocket Power. This cartoon featured the typical grotesque character designs and wild colours. It centres on a Mexican-Texan community of various insects, focusing on Carmen and her husband Paco (who are ants). I remember the female butterfly character who carried around her boyfriend, who is a motionless silent cocoon that wears sunglasses.


A British-Canadian production that starred Richard E. Grant (of Spice World fame) as the title character. Noted for being incredibly surreal, it explored themes such as propaganda, commercialism and various abstract morality lessons. Its major theme is ageism, and how the middle-aged Captain Star has been relegated with his crew (including HBIC in charge science officer and First Officer Scarlett) to a barren planet in unknowing exile, so that the government can continue on the Captain's legacy without showing the public how he has become eroded by time.


Following 8 young 'Toadlets' on their journey to survive in the Great Forest and reunite with their race. This series appears to be a simplistic children's cartoon at first, before revealing itself to have an incredible mythology, mysterious storyline, and a relaxed but deliberate pacing. Only 13 episodes were shown, and a produced but unaired second season cockblocked us from finding out WTF happens to the Toadlets. However, after 12 years, the second season is on Youtube - but not in English. There's also some guy who claims to have worked on the show, revealing that the original cast did in fact voice the unaired season 2 episodes in English way back then:PROOF


Based kinda off the late cartoonist's John Callahn's life, where he was rendered quadriplegic after getting hit by a car while drunk in the street, this is probably one of the most non-politically correct series out there. The animation is incredibly rough, with stark character designs. The supporting characters are all afflicted with some kind of improbable disability - a blind man who doesn't seem to realize he's blind, a guy with razor sharp sickles for hands with low self-esteem, a disgusting pervert that is literally just a head on wheels, etc. Features Terri Hawkes as the voice of the main character's girlfriend, so you get to hear Sailor Moon spout incredibly explicit dialogue about lesbian sex.


A series that used rotoscoping animation, marvel at the trendy early 2000's fashion. Following four amnesiac young adults with psychic powers (telepathy, remote viewing, precognition, and psychometry) who can enter a psychic realm called the Delta State, they fight the mind controlling Rifters who want to control the world. This series only aired 13 episodes of 26, but luckily in 2010 the full series was released on iTunes for download - it is no longer available except on Youtube. Original music by French DJ Kid Loco.


Probably not all that forgotten, but I stan it. Whacky adventures of boring every-kid Ned Flimpkin(sp?) and his 7 foot tall anthropomorphic shapeshifting newt Newton. With lots of adult-tinged humor and mile a minute pop culture gags, this series is classis 90's Teletoon.


Apparently a popular children's book franchise, it follows triplet sisters who deal with an ornery old witch who sends them into fairy tales. Several animated series have been produced, but the one in the 90's that I watched I cannot find any evidence of, aside from the intro (it's in Spanish though).


A charming stop motion series about a family of bears and their servants living in Edwardian England, based off a BBC series from the 70's. The supposed voice actors don't have their imdb list this show under their credits, and there is only one clip of it I could find online.


An adaption of the children's books I was into as a 9 year old by Canadian Kenneth Oppel, detailing Shade the bat and his coming of age story and battle against various ~dark forces~. Features an interesting mythology and rather a lot of metaphysical content, like souls and the afterlife. Tenuous actual zoological information on bats tho.


A hot ass mess of 90's cartoon and comic books cliches, based off a comic book. The comic is heavily violent and sexual, but the series was kid-friendly and toned down considerably. There are laser guns instead of actual firearms, not being able to hit female enemies, and an absence of blood. Basically, it's a dystopian Chicago that has a bunch of mutated freaks in it, and a green finheaded muscley guy joins the police force to help clean up the streets. He has a female normal human partner who you probably already guessed is his love interest.


Follows the anthropomorphic animal residents of an animal park and their daily lives, get to know thirsty Nice Guy Lionel the lion, asshole bully Eugene the elephant, and the flying obsessed Dodo.


Featuring a silent but very emotionally expressive rabbit who lines in urban Toronto. Nobody seems to ever comment on the bunny's lack of speech, but instead the series focuses on slice of life material, like joining a dating service, cleaning your house, and continually being disturbed by waiters while trying to eat in a restaurant. Sometimes ventures into the surreal though, like finding a baby-like creature in the woods who is very annoying and won't stop hugging things. The bunny's best friend is a single mom squirrel (also untalkative) who lives in a hollowed out tree in a city park. The bunny's mortal enemy is a very surly blue emu who has one hell of a glare. One interesting thing is how human characters are never explicitly shown or animated. Any time they do appear, it is as out of focus and unmoving backdrops while they speak.


Originally airing on HBO, this was an adult cartoon that featured an anthology of futuristic morality tales that were sexually explicit, violent and loaded with curse words. The animation actually wasn't really good, and the stories themselves were rather pedestrian. Cool music though. E.G Daily, voice of Tommy Pickles and Buttercup was the main character in one story and you get to hear her have an orgasm. They played this over and over again on Teletoon's late night block.

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ONTD, what is your fave Teletoon cartoon?
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