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ONTD's fave will return to Thrones + another "break the internet" scene

That's right, smegma (David Bradley) will return to Game of Thrones as Walder Frey!... at some point. This has of course led to speculation that this might have something to do with LS.

  • David Bradley had this to say on the matter:

“He will be coming back, but I can’t say when, I can’t really say because things are in a delicate situation.”
“I do look forward to it, because I do love playing someone so irredeemable. "I’m afraid he makes me laugh because he’s so appalling that there’s a kind of dark humor in there somewhere.”

  • and in more Game of Thrones news:

An annoymous source has said there will be another "utter shock" in season 6. From the source: “Not only are the dragons going to be massive next season, but viewers are about to learn more about the mysterious creatures from the Lands of Always Winter … I’m sworn to secrecy, but I can assure you, the scenes planned will break the Internet.”

more over at source 1 + 2
can we make this a GOT/ASOIAF theory post? I hate how curious I am considering D&D don't know what they're doing, but there's speculation that the wall might be coming down. What do you all think?
Tags: books / authors, british celebrities, game of thrones (hbo), rumors / gossip

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