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Neil Armfield's "Holding the Man" is Australia's Brokeback

Based in the 1970s, Holding The Man revolves around the fifteen year romance between actor, playwright and activist Tim Conigrave and footballer John Caleo who met at Melbourne's Xavier College.

In his first film since the brilliant Candy, Armfield teamed up with writer Tommy Murphy who successfully adapted the memoir to the stage a decade ago that deals with a variety of tumultuous life events including coming out, activism and HIV. In many ways, Armfield feels the story of Holding the Man, is reflected in his own life, connecting with the notion of coming out as gay in the Australian suburbs. Armfield briefly knew Conigrave prior to his passing in 1994 with many mutual friends in the theatre scene, some of them lost to AIDS.

Armfield believes that the story is a universal love story.

Holding the Man stars Ryan Corr, Craig Scott, Anthony LaPaglia and Guy Pearce and opens in Australia on August 27.

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