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Finally! Shakira is back... in Camp Nou; Sasha practices to be a footballer; Rabiosa in Just Dance

Sasha Piqué Mebarak turned 6 months old on July 29th and his mother, Shakira, shared a video of him kicking a football ball just like his father, Spanish FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué. Sasha is Shakira's youngest son - her firstborn, multilingual prince Milan, is already 2 years old.

And while her fans are patiently waiting for news concerning Shakira's career, the Colombian singer is busy living like a normal person (only with more than 200 millions to her bank account) and posting snaps of her family life. On August 5, she shared a picture captioned "Camp Nou today." She was in the FC Barcelona football field supporting her partner, Gerard Piqué.

And today, Shakira was spotted coming out of an electrical muscular stimulation clinic in Barcelona. She was accompanied by her son Milan and her mother-in-law, Montserrat Bernabéu. Some media reports that she was looking "sad and tearful," but I personally don't see it. Bernabéu saw the photographers and tried to scare them away. Shakira was likely at the clinic to keep regaining her figure - maybe in preparation for her new era, fans hope.

Finally, a Shakira song will be included in the videogame Just Dance for the first time. The Spanish version of 'Rabiosa' (ft. El Cata) will appear in Just Dance 6. Rabiosa was a no. 1 hit in multiple countries (even though 'Gordita' ft. Calle 13 should have been released instead). Although 'Beautiful Liar' was included in a previous version of the game, the song didn't include Shakira's vocals, only Beyoncé's. Here you can watch part of the choreography:

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