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ONTD Original: 5 Reasons why a FF reboot was pointless!

You just have to admit that everything regarding Fantastic Four (2015) is a mess that you just can't stop reading about. I'm also loving driving that point home. So here's an original piece that I'm putting together for free instead of currently doing work I'm being paid for at my job because this is much more enjoyable!

1. Fantastic Four hasn't even succeeded on TV!

When was the last time you've seen a Fantastic Four TV show/cartoon? Probably never. My only 100% I remember it all experience is seeing the characters featured in Spider-man on Fox Kids, which ran from 1994–1998. That was basically 20 years ago. The Secret Wars episode was so good too.
Did you know the Fantastic Four had a cartoon in 1967 on ABC? Your parents might... or maybe not because it only lasted 20 episodes. I have some bits and pieces of watching it on Boomerang, but again... that was like almost 20 years ago. I remember Spider-man and His Amazing Friends better than I remember that show.

Fun Fact: Firestar was created specifically for Spider-man and His Amazing Friends when the Human Torch was unavailable due to licensing issues.

The New Fantastic Four aired in 1978. It only lasted 13 episodes. Fantastic Four: The Animated Series aired in 1994 with 2 seasons and 26 episodes. I honestly did not know that show even existed. I guess it aired on Fox Kids? I didn't miss much because according to Wikipedia, "Many criticized the first season for its campy tone and silly acting in the show. And as previously mentioned, the show was revamped for a second season in 1995, with revamped characters, more complex stories, and a more mature tone. However, despite mixed-to-positive reviews from the critics and fans, ratings still dropped, which led to the show's cancellation." Tragic. Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes aired in 2006 riding off of the first Fantastic Four movie. I've never heard of it until today. According to Wikipedia it took 4 years to air all 26 episodes so it's obviously a mess.

Fox should have known better, this is easier to research than an inter-dimensional gate...Collapse )

As of 2:30 PM EST, Fantastic Four (2015) has an RT score of 9%. At 1:15 PM EST, it had 10%. When I started writing this around 11:00 AM EST, it was at 9%. The audience score is currently at 33% liked it. Around 11:00 AM EST, it was at 34%.

Floptastic Flop only grossed $2.7M for Thursday showings. Antman grossed $6.4M on its opening Thursday. Box Office Mojo reports the film will have an estimated $45M. Fantastic Four (2005) opened to $60.1M, if adjusted it would be $80.8M today.

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Hurry up Sunday!
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