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Interviews with world-class bodybuilder/powerlifter who recently came out as transgender/genderfluid

- Matt Kroczaleski, 42, came out last week as Janae Marie Kroc
- famous for "Kroc Rows"
- world record holding powerlifter as well as a national caliber bodybuilder

INTERVIEW with a banned source:

- identities as both transgender and gender fluid, describes herself as an alpha male, girly girl, lesbian in a male body; doesn't like labels
- talks about the hard balancing act between her masculinity and femininity, describes it as internal civil war
- "People are confused by someone that carries the amount of muscle mass that I do but yet desires to dress in a feminine manner. This goes back to expected gender roles and how they are enforced in our society."
- planned to wait until her three sons graduated from high school to come out about being transgender but was outed by a YouTube video that went viral; wanted to make sure the story was told correctly and saw this as a great opportunity to do something positive for the transgender community

Videocall interview with RxMuscle:

I recommend watching the interview because it's VERY candid and interesting, but anyway for the TL/DW crowd:
- has been out to family and friends for about a decade
- some famous fitness people (including Jim Wendler) have known for a while and have been very supportive
- wasn't something she tried to keep secret, but also didn't promote/spread it
- considered suicide when the marriage with her sons' mother ended; she was actually the first person Kroc told this about (when Kroc was 23 years old) and was supportive, but not for long, so she went back to surpressing it for 10 years until the divorce; at that point Kroc felt "too complicated" to ever be loved by someone :(
- still undecided about full transition; was planning to wait until her sons' HS graduation, even though they are very supportive
- will not compete in powerlifting after transition because it would be too controversial and she doesn't want to bring negative attention to transgender athletes; might consider other sports, such as triathlon
- asked about Caitlyn Jenner
- chose the name Janae Marie because her parents would have named her that if she had been born a girl

sources: 1, 2

You can also follow her on IG here!
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