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Behind the Scenes of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, Plus Getting Digits and Suri!

Paramount has released a couple of RN featurettes:

In other news: InTouch is coming for Tom again, saying he ALLEGEDLY hasn't seen Suri in two years.

  • .“Katie knew [an NYC reunion] wasn’t going to happen. But Suri, on the other hand, did think she might see her dad [...] Suri wants to see her father, but Tom still isn’t seeing her. It’s not going to happen — and it’s heartbreaking.”

And finally, Tom ALLEGEDLY tried to get the digits of a reporter from Univision, Jessica Cediel, at the NYC premiere of Rogue Nation and succeeded.

  • "The “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” megastar was doing his red-carpet duties promoting the blockbuster Monday night in Times Square when he made a beeline toward a reporter who had caught his eye. [...] Cruise then moved on to the other press, but quickly halted his interviews, pulled an assistant aside and instructed her to fetch Cediel’s number for him.

Sources: Paramount Pictures YT, InTouch via HollywoodLife, NY Daily News

If you don't want to watch the mess that's the GOP Debate, come in here for a Rogue Nation or Scientology or why has Suri ALLEGEDLY not seen her daddy discussion post!
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