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Bring It On Cast Share Behind the Scenes Info & Favorite Memories From Making The Film

Here's some of the stuff mentioned
-movie was originally called Cheer Fever
-Kiersten Dunst didn't have to audition for her part
-Gabrielle Union wanted to be in another cheerleading movie called Sugar and Spice but they didn't want any black characters
-Lindsay Sloane (Big Red) originally auditioned for Torrance & lied about having cheer experience
-Some of the cast took trips to Tijuana on the weekends & got thrown in jail there
-Blaque were new to acting and kept looking directly at the lenses. They were also touring while shooting the film.
-A scene of Nathan West sniffing his finger after fingering Clare Kramer had to be cut to avoid R rating
-talks about how people perceived the Torros vs the Clovers because of race.

It's really long.
Read more at the source: MTV
which of the Bring It On Movies is your favorite? I like 1 then 3

i wanna know who choreographed this^
Tags: 2000s, black celebrities, gabrielle union, kirsten dunst, nostalgia, race / racism

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