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Cosmo thinks you should stop being mean to Miles Teller + Fantastic Four co-stars reply

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Follow up to THIS & THIS post

After exposing his ass in an Esquire Interview, and defending himself for it no less, the girls at Cosmopolitan now come to Miles' defense. According to them, it's much more cuter if Miles is a totally jackass because that makes him funny and quirky and not boring like all the other celebrities who are grateful for where they are and totally not fun at all!

The reasoning behind the writer's ideas? Miles Teller has always been a dick!

"Miles Teller is on the cover of Esquire's September issue, and the actor, who's promoting his upcoming movie Fantastic Four, is getting backlash for acting like a "dick" in the accompanying interview. But Miles Teller is not acting like a dick. Miles Teller is acting like Miles Teller.
Read any other interview with the actor, and you'll see that he's always come off as slightly arrogant, bro-y, and hungover."

So there you have it, ONTD. It doesn't matter if he made a rape joke that his stans are willing to bend themselves backwards for because "it isn't really a rape joke is it??" Miles Teller is funny, bro-y and quirky and he shouldn't be faulted for that because at least he's being true and honest to himself and not boring us to tears!

Plus, Kate and Jamie take to twitter to affirm Esquire how totally wrong they are.

source, Kate Mara's twitter, Jaime Bell's twitter.

y i k e s.
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