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Unreal post: Season 2 ideas + cast members date + (in)accuracies

- Season 2 is going to stick to the Everlasting format
- Creators are toying around with the idea of doing a Bachelorette-type show for next season
- They also want to address the race issue that they let slip by this last season

- Freddie Stroma and Johanna Braddy who play Adam and Anna are dating
- Was revealed in a Periscope by Constance Zimmer

- You are basically locked in hotel rooms and the house from casting and beyond, but it's more comfortable than Everlasting makes it seem
- Hooking up off-camera never happens basically. Even with sneaking off, most of those types of things are done with producer approval in advance.
- Producers do not start rumors or gossip to the contestants. They may encourage whatever feeling is good for ratings, but the source of the drama usually is the contestants.
- This ex-contestant thinks that most of the male leads and contestants really are there for love. Maybe love and exposure, but love at the core of it.
- They never force kisses or physical contact, but they do suggest it pretty often.
- All dates are real
- They do not push you to drink. Its your choice.
- Each girl does have a role assigned to them like "villain" or "wifey"
- There's definitely cast filler in the first 25 girls that producers know will be axed. The producers might have a say within the first few weeks who stays but past the last 10 or 6, it's the bachelor's decision
- Producer-contestant relations are like teacher-student, so a lot of producers seem to lack an attraction to the contestants.
- She doesn't know if producers have specific girls. It seems to be which producers work best with who and for what.
- She thinks even though producers try to manipulate you, they're really cool and nice. She thinks of them as friends and sometimes stand-ins for therapists.

Sources: 1 2 3

finale discussion post?
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