burntbussy (burntbussy) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Sophia Eggleston says she's the REAL Cookie Lyon and sues Fox

- Sophia Eggleston filed a 50-page lawsuit against fox for 300 million dollars, saying they stole her life story
- In 2010, she published "The Hidden Hand," a memoir about her days as a drug kingpin.
- Some similarities: she dealt drugs, she placed a hit on someone after leaving jail (like Cookie does with that one rose guy), she has a gay relative (a brother instead of son), and she loves fur coats.
- Apparently had a meeting with Lee Daniels in 2011 to produce something based off her book, but the screenwriter she partnered with, Rita Miller, contracted an illness and could not make it, saying she left the book with Daniels. Supposedly, nothing came of it.


ontd, have you ever felt lee daniels ripped off your life?
Tags: books / authors, empire (fox), legal / lawsuit, television, television - fox

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