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Mariah Carey: Singer, Song-writer, Actress, Producer, is now a....

mariah carey 20152

The singer. songwriter best known for her 5 octave range, 18 #1 hits and 'diva' attitude will now be...

Directing her very own christmas movie titled 'Mariah Carey's Christmas Project', she will also be co-starring in it. This movie has been funded by RatPac (Brett Ratner and James Packer). Brett will be taking the producer's role in this movie.

Although she is somwhat a flop these days she can always count on Christmas season to get dem royalty cheques. Her first christmas album that spawned the timeless hit 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' is also the best selling seasonal album of all time (when will your fav!?!). For this movie Mimi is also looking to create a soundtrack featuring various artists including herself! (Could this be why we saw Justin and French Montana in the studios with her?!)

Mimi is no stranger to directing she has directed several of her music videos, for example 'Always Be My Baby', 'The Roof' & 'Breakdown'.

Source: thenewshub

ONTD, has your fav ever had an entire season where she can basically sit back and collect dem royalty cheques?
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