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Celebs voice their support for Planned Parenthood after video scandal

Planned Parenthood has been in the news (again) after a series of undercover videos were leaked that depicted Planned Parenthood employees apparently discussing the sale of harvested fetal organs and tissue. Planned Parenthood has fired back, denying the allegations that they harvest and sell aborted fetuses (fetii?), only that they donate fetal tissue for research at the request of parents, and the only money exchanged is used to cover transportation costs.

Naturally, pro-life groups have latched on to these videos and a bill has already been introduced to Congress in an attempt to completely defund Planned Parenthood. Some celebs have once again taken to twitter to defend the organization and a woman's right to choose.

sources: us news for post content; twitters: lucas neff, felicity huffman, sarah silverman, jenny slate, holland taylor, lena dunham, t*ler o*kley, senator elizabeth warren, and senator tammy baldwin

have you ever sold fetal tissue for profit ontd?
Tags: lena dunham, news / news anchors, politics

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