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ONTD's Sexiest Men Alive 2K15

The votes have been counted, and the thirst has turned into full-on dehydration. You've seen the other lists, now see what ONTD has to say. The ONTD community voted for who they believed were the sexiest men alive, and now the results are finally here! Click below to see the Top 50 men that have been bestowed ONTD's highest honor!

5 Random Facts

242 men were nominated.
livejournal garnered 5 votes. This was 3 more than Ed Sheeran had.
Common sexiest men list candiates such as Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and Bradley Cooper are noticeably absent.
Booboo Stewart is the youngest male, at 21 years old.
All 3 Marvel Chrises made it into the Top 25.

How does ONTD's taste compare?

Voted 13 times Voted 13 times
Includes Avan Jogia, Diego Luna, James Norton. Includes Chris Pratt, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Christian Bale.
69% PoC 23% PoC.
Consensus: Knows a pretty face when she sees one. Consensus: Has a thing for superheroes.

ljtryout vs whereisglory
Voted 9 times Voted 7 times
Includes Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Channing Tatum. Includes Keanu Reeves, Shemar Moore, Lance Gross.
100% white. 100% PoC.
Consensus: Typically goes for muscular, mass produced types. Consensus: Prefers those most likely to season their food.

Voted aprox. 120 times. Voted 1 time.
British, American, Korean, Indian, etc. 100% British.
Many ethnicities. 100% white.
Consensus: A diverse amount of men across lines. Consensus: She voted for Tom Hardy.


-PoC make up 36% of the Top 50.
- Americans dominate by 38%.

50. Miguel Angel Silvestre
49. Manish Dayal
48. Travis Fimmel
47. Ezra Miller
46. Ki Hong Lee
45. Alexander Skarsgard
44. Hugh Dancy
43. Daniel Henny
42. Richard Madden
41. Dev Patel
40. Ewan McGregor
39. Tyler Hoechlin
38. Richard Armitage
37. Jon Kortajarena
36. Michael Fassbender
35. Viggo Mortensen
34. Michiel Huisman
33. Jason Momoa
32. Steven Yeun
31. Matt Bomer
30. Keanu Reeves
29. Zayn Malik
28. Jake Gyllenhaal
27. Aidan Turner
26. Sebastian Stan

25. Kit Harington
24. Sendhil Ramamurthy
23. Avan Jogia
22. Chris Hemsworth
21. James McAvoy
20. Rami Malek
19. Chris Evans
18. Tom Hiddleston
17. Charlie Cox
16. Aaron Taylor Johnson
15. Dwayne Johnson
14. Paul Rudd
13. Lee Pace
12. Chris Pratt
11. John Cho


- The British dominate the Top 10, taking up 50%.
- PoC make up 60%.

10. Cillian Murphy

Not only strikingly beautiful, but Murphy is intelligent as well. Watch Peaky Blinders to see Murphy show off his talent for speaking in a foreign language! Yeah!

9. Chiwetel Ejiofor

He is a very talented actor and has a promising career ahead of him.

8. Cary Fukunaga

Sometimes when he texts his friends, Fukunaga sends them gifs of Cary Grant! Wow!

7. Henry Cavill

Contray to popular belief, Cavill actually does have a personality. Amazing!

6. Charlie Hunnam

You may know him as Raleigh Beckett from Pacific Rim. You may also know him for a very, very persuasive gif involving buttcheeks. NIce!

5. Tom Hardy

Once in Romania, Hardy found a sick stray cat and nursed it back to health. And this December, he'll be attempting to murder Leonardo DiCaprio in the new movie The Revenant. Awesome!

4. Godfrey Gao

Gao is very attractive. He is so attractive, he made a career out of it. He's a model. Yeah!

3. Jesse Williams

Look at those eyes. You know what those eyes are saying? That you need to start paying attention to the disastrous effects of instituionalized racism in the United States, being streamlined by our police departments whose duty is supposed to be to protect and serve, yet black youth are constantly under threat of being the next victim of police brutality due to underlying social stigmas that need to be addressed. Follow Jesse on Twitter!

2. Oscar Isaac

You may know him as the guy with the cat and guitar, but coming this December, Isaac's force will be inescapable in the new Star Wars movie. According to himself, he only plays himself, because he only has himself self to play with. Wow!

1. Idris Elba

Although known among many as the 'Token Attractive Black Guy' your white friend mentions so they don't seem racist, Elba also works as a DJ under the name DJ Big Driis. His new movie, "Beasts of No Nation", directed by #8, will soon be making its debut on Netflix! Amazing!

Alright! Now that thats all over, whos ready to complain?!

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