ginger carpet ride (celtic_thistle) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
ginger carpet ride

Duggars are broke, begging fans for money

-According to OK! Magazine, the way-overdue cancellation of It's Cool to Overpopulate the Earth Because Jesus cost the Duggar Dipshits $25 million.

-What have they done with the millions they already made? Surely they saved some of it? Hahaha probably not, they blew it all because greed isn't a sin or anything, and neither is covering for your son when he victimizes your daughters and other girls.

-The Duggars posted a video to their YouTube channel of Jim Boob giving OfJimBoob a ring with 19 birthstones in it. They posted in the description asking for donations "big or small" to fund "fresh, quality content."

-Since YouTube is free, the fuck do they mean by that?

-They took down the donation option after being mocked mercilessly.

-Addicting Info postulates that they mean they need their lifestyle funded despite preaching about living debt-free for years.

-There's conjecture that they are deeply in debt now, never expecting their gravy train of a show to end, and living way above the standards of most Americans.

-Jill and Dehydrated Aaron Rodgers begged for money for their "mission trip" despite not telling anyone where they were going--could this be because Jim Boob couldn't foot the bill?

-Jim Boob and OfJimBoob need to get off their lazy asses and work instead of expecting everything to be handed to them, and maybe they should've used birth control and taken personal responsibility all these years instead of mooching.

Source is Addicting Info.
Tags: duggars

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