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Steve Grand Wants Everyone To Stop Posting His “Half Naked” Pics, Accuses Queerty Of “Slut Shaming”

- If you don't know who Steve Grand is, he's an openly gay musician.

- Basically Steve posed for some risqué photoshoots back when he was an underwear model and recently posted a pic of himself wearing a tiny speedo on his Instagram.

- Now he's pissed at Queerty for circulating those pics and went off on them on Twitter because he'd rather everyone focused on his ''career'' instead of his bulge.

This is his rant to Queerty:

No I want YOU to stop ONLY posting the handful of half naked pictures of me taken over the last 6 years to get your page clicks. I’ve taken thousands of photos fully clothed over the last years. only 1% of my posts (on Instagram) show my bare chest. There’s a time a place for that.. but EVERY time? It is sites like YOURS that create the impression that I am always shoving sex in people’s faces. When, in fact, it’s a small fraction of the time. I have enough to work against. It sucks that gay media makes it all the more difficult. And even now you’re doing the same thing in this post. To make me look like a hypocrite. Shame on you for creating senseless division within this community that already faces enough from the outside world. You would tank a struggling artist’s career if it would get u a couple page clicks. Utterly shameful. You have been trying to sink me since before I even started to climb. I’ve been silent 4 2 years of this & I’ve had it. Shame on u. You are as trashy as the worse tabloids but u are even WORSE than them because you go after people without power or money (myself). I should be able to post a shirtless pic here and there (1% of my Instagram) without it being the ONLY way you represent me. All publicity is NOT good publicity.

If you can’t post about me in a way that even comes close to resenting me on the whole then I’d rather you not bother at all. Nick Jonas and Zac Efron flaunt their bodies WAY more than I do and are not treated this way. There is nothing wrong with the pictures of me that are out there. I am not ashamed. I am a young man and SOMETIMES like to show my body like most all of us young men do. But you create this weird dynamic where you slut-shame as you simultaneously fawn over a young man. It is very bizarre and worse, it sends a toxic message to young people still coming to terms with their sexuality. Haven’t gay men been taught to feel enough shame about their sexuality? #getyourshittogether #stopdividingus

I know I’ll get accused of whining and being a hypocrite. And I know I’m suppose to shut up and never stick up for myself. And I know I “brought in on myself” and I should have just known when I was a 19 year old student putting myself through college that I shouldn’t have posed in those kinds of photos (because none of you have ever made questionable choices when you were 19, right?) But I’m just a guy as flawed as all the rest of you. I’m not rich and famous. I just want to make music, play it for my fans, and yeah, sometimes have fun on a boat in a Speedo and share some of those moments with my fans who have been so supportive.

Okay, Internet. Do what you do to people who dare to speak up for themselves. Fire away.''

–Steve Grand

Queerty's response:

''Okay, Steve, we hear you loud and clear. We are huge fans, and Queerty readers love you. We dig your half naked pics, but you look (and sound) pretty great in clothing too.''


Sis, be glad anyone's paying any attention to you at all tbh
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