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Drunk Heidi Montag hijacks comedy stage and was asked to leave for embarrassing behaviour!

~*UPDATE*~ Heidi was found in the toilet vomiting after her drunken rampage:

- Heidi Montag stage bombed comedian Deena Jacob's comedy stand up show causing her to walk off the stage. Deena can be heard saying "this is so embarassing" & "I think you guys need to go!" in the video

- Heidi was clearly wasted that night as she posted videos of herself acting a damn fool on Snapchat (@PrattHeidi) carrying and drinking the alcoholic beverage in a paper bag.

- Heidi and Spencer was seen walking around L.A with a film crew possibly filming their new reality show pilot, not sure if this drunken rampage was part of it. Whether this was staged or not for the "show", you decide.


you're missing out if you don't follow her on snapchat (prattheidi), her snapchat stories are so sad. she lives such a sad life,  I almost feel bad for her
Tags: scandal, the hills / laguna beach stars
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