Tom Cruise confirms 'Mission: Impossible 6'; Early reviews for 'Rogue Nation' are fantastic

Cruise was promoting his film on The Daily Show and revealed, "We're starting to work on it now. We'll probably start shooting it next summer."

As of today, it's sitting at 76 at Metacritic (34 reviews) and 8.4 at IMDb (1,800 users)

The Hollywood Reporter (Todd McCarthy): "Thanks to a sharp script that springs a real surprise or two and a pace that never slackens, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation rates as the second-best of the numerous franchise titles of the summer, after Mad Max: Fury Road. Armed with an absorbing mystery plot that does more than just connect the dots between action set-pieces (the most outlandish of which is dispensed with in a Bond-like opener), writer-director Christopher McQuarrie maintains the uptick in M:I quality established by the last two entries, and should land this entry within the series’ customary range of a half-billion bucks worldwide."

Variety (Justin Chang): "The result is an existential quandary that writer-director Christopher McQuarrie negotiates with characteristic cleverness and a sly respect for the sheer durability of genre; at once questioning and reaffirming the pleasures of cinematic espionage, this is the rare sequel that leaves its franchise feeling not exhausted but surprisingly resurgent at 19 years and counting."

Entertainment Weekly (Chris Nashawaty): "Can Ilsa be trusted to work both sides against the middle while Hunt and his crew work their way up the Eurobaddie food chain to Lane and clear their names back at home? Cruise's franchise is too valuable to Paramount to ever put that question in doubt. But like all 'Mission: Impossible' films (of which there's yet to be a dud), it's not so much about the outcome as it is the breathlessly thrilling journey Cruise takes us on to get there."

HitFix (Drew McWeeny): "I would argue that this may be the funniest of the films overall, and with Robert Elswit shooting it, it’s absolutely gorgeous, with crisp, clean action choreography that you can actually see. As with most of what he does, Cruise always feels like he’s giving it everything he’s got, and he continues to make Ethan Hunt’s adventures interesting after two full decades in the role. I was delighted by this one end to end, and I plan on seeing it again in IMAX as soon as possible."

Rolling Stone (Peter Travers): "Rogue Nation...succeeds best when McQuarrie channels his inner film geek and stages a spectacular shootout at the Vienna opera house that evokes Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much. This knockout sequence, in which Cruise fires up everything he has as actor and athlete, shows that Mission: Impossible still has gas in its tank even when its engine sputters."

Forbes (Scott Mendelson): "Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation is another superb installment of a shockingly consistent action franchise. By turning the series into something of a director’s sandbox, with each new filmmaker basically making their version of a Mission: Impossible movie, Cruise and company have crafted a long-running franchise where every new installment feels like a wholly fresh motion picture."

When the first 26 reviews rolled in, Edward Douglas, of ComingSoon, had the only negative one: "It's a valiant attempt, but the results aren't nearly as clever or fun as its predecessor, the Brad Bird-directed "Ghost Protocol," which tried much harder to blow us away with things we've never seen. Even the coolest of action sequences are hard to enjoy when you have such a bland and unoriginal plot and a movie that feels dated and redundant due to the lack of originality and innovation that's defined the franchise."

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