ONTD Original: ONTD Faves (and non-faves) Pulling Tygas

Hollywood has a long and storied history of celebrating scumbags.  Whether they be physically abusive, verbally abusive, or sexually abusive, there's always a place for them in Tinseltown.  But with the recent outrage over Tyga and Kylie Jenner's age inappropriate relationship, it's time to expose some beloved (or not) celebs for their ephebophile ways.

Brad Pitt

Before he was the lesser half of Brangelina, Brad Pitt had quite the active and creepy dating life.  In 1989 he dated Christina Applegate, when she was just 18 years old and he was 26.  He was also rumored to have dated Shalane McCall in 1987, when she would have been fifteen and he was twenty four.  And if that wasn't enough, he also dated Juliette Lewis, ten years his junior, when she was 16.

Johnny Depp

Tumblr users around the world fan themselves over Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder's supposedly epic love story, but what they either don't know or don't care about is that in August 1989, when the couple first announced their relationship, Ryder was seventeen years old.  They became engaged just two months later.

Joel Madden

Lead singer of the band Good Charlotte, whose only worthwhile contribution to the world was I Don't Wanna be in Love, probably shouldn't have been in love with Hilary Duff who was just sixteen when they started dating.  The ten year age difference evidently didn't slow down Madden at all, as Walking Queen Hilary Duff revealed recently that she "had a 26 year old boyfriend.  So everyone can make assumptions about what I was doing."  They dated for three years.

Chris Pratt

Did you know Peter Quill and Agent 13 dated?  Did you know she was 18 and he was 25?  Yes, Chris Pratt was the first of many workplace relationships for Emily VanCamp (and, interestingly enough, the first of a couple where she dated her onscreen brother, though at least on Everwood they didn't rewrite the entire show around their supposed chemistry and in the process destroy the last bit of logic it had been desperately clinging to, yes I'm talking about you, Brothers and Sisters).  They met while filming the pilot of Everwood, when VanCamp was 15 and Pratt was 22.  There were rumors that their relationship began prior to her becoming legal, and Everwood creator Greg Berlanti had this to say on the subject: "I will tell you, in terms of gossip, that I could tell the flirtation was already happening between the two of them [Pratt and VanCamp] in the pilot, and she was quite young then and Chris was...not. So there's your gossip. As far as I was concerned, there were sparks flying then, and for fear that anyone would get arrested I was praying that wouldn't happen until everyone was legal."  Earlier in the same interview Berlanti said, "I don't always know what's going on, and I'm the last one to find out, and they keep stuff from me a lot of times, because they'd be afraid, oh, what if I found out these two actors who played brother and sister were really dating in real life."  Since they went public shortly after she turned 18…hmm….

Milo Ventimiglia

I, like many misguided teenagers, was a hardcore Jess-girl in my youth.  So imagine my disappointment when I follow Milo VentiwhateverI'mnotspellingitoutagain over to the trainwreck that is Heroes, solely out of loyalty, and find that the 29 year old shitstain is dating 17 year old Hayden Panettiere, best known to yours truly for that Disney Channel movie where she played a whiny Army brat (I just googled this and apparently it was called Tiger Cruise and starred Bill Pullman.  All right.)  Yes, I took this one extremely personally.  Panettiere had this to say about her preference for older men: "I am drawn to people who make me up my game, who bring me up to their level. I want to be with somebody who is more worldly than me, somebody who can give me guidance and is completely secure and comfortable with who they are."  Which is all well and good, but doesn't explain what the older men were doing with your underage ass.

Ezra Koenig

Koenig, best known to me for the screenshots of his tweets that always manage to infect my dash, is apparently the frontman for Vampire Weekend, and is also apparently a total sleeze!  According to my in-depth research of reading ONTD comments (thanks veritasaequ1tas), the 31 year old recently broke up with Tavi Gevinson on her 19th birthday.  Evidently she wrote a blog post about an "elderly man" (heh) dumping her on her birthday, and the two unfollowed each other in this same time frame.  Additionally, Koenig made a gross comment about daddy issues on twitter around the same time. ps technically this is all conjecture and not confirmed blah blah blah

Sam Taylor-Johnson (because women can be gross too!)

The director of 50 Shades of Grey famously clashed with EL James, probably over who was more of a fucking creep.  The director met Aaron Taylor Johnson on the set of her film Nowhere Boy, adding in an extra splash of uncomfortable power dynamics to the already weird relationship.  They announced their engagement in October 2009, when the husband-to-be was 19 years old.  They married in 2012 and have two children, Wylda Rae, born in 2010, and Romy Hero, born in 2012.  Thanks to Wikipedia and Satan for those names.

honorable mentions:
Jerry Seinfeld and his 17 year old girlfriend Shoshanna Lonstein
John Mayer dating 19 year old Taylor Swift
Wilmer Valderrama's entire life

who did I leave out, ontd?  also be nice, this is my first post!

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