NY Magazine cover depicts Bill Cosby's victims

[Paraphrased excerpts from the article]
- The article mentions that many women were hesitant to come forward because they feared no one would believe them and that people would accuse them of being after money. Goes on to say that many women and girls, especially thanks to social media, are beginning to embrace the idea that they can speak out against their rapists and that drawing attention to what happened to them is the only way that any action can be taken.

- There are 46 women who have publicly come forward with accusations of sexual assault and rape against Cosby; only 35 agreed to be photographed and interviewed for the article. Many of those interviewed say they know others who are victims but have chosen to remain silent.

Joan Tarshis: “I read Barbara Bowman’s piece in the Washington Post, how no one believed her, and I said, ‘This is it. I have to say something now. I have to stand up and say, Yes. Somebody else does believe you, because it happened to me.’”

Jewel Allison “I saw that there were a lot of negative responses being posted against Barbara Bowman and Joan Tarshis and Tamara Green and Andrea Constand, grouping them in a historical reference to claims that “white women” have made in the past, that weren’t truthful, about being raped by a black man. But unfortunately with this case, I knew that there was a very strong possibility that these women were telling the truth, because I had had my own negative experience with Bill Cosby.


i recommend reading the full article, which includes full interviews with all of the women photographed